Monthly Archives: October 2010

Trick or Treat


Great Grandma Luthi and AlliAndrea Ecenbarger

This was Andreas’ first time Trick or Treating. We took her to the Laurals Nursing Home here in Massillon. All of the elderly residents had smiles on their faces as they passed out candy to the 25 to 30 children that attended the Trick or Treat event. If you want to keep your child safe and make someone happy at the same time, call your local Nursing Home to see if they are having a Trick or Treat night.


Grandma status


This weekend my daughter-in-law Brittany gave birth to my newest granddaughter. She weighed an even 6 pounds and was only 18 and 1/2 inches long. They named her Keegan Joy.

I was very pleased to hold her when she was only 1 hour old. She was very alert and hungry. The new mother is nursing her, this will give her a great start in life. Keegan had a touch of jaundice but is doing much better now.

The picture of Keegan below is before she had her first bath. she is only one hour old.



This weekend my oldest son was married. They planned it to be a small ceremony on a small budget. They proved that by carefully planning they could achieve it with a small amount of cash; starting their life together without debt.

When they started planning the wedding Jessica, now my son’s wife, was getting frustrated because she was running into roadblocks every time she priced things. She was realizing the cost of just little details were outrageous. I explained to her that she needed to write everything down that she thought she needed for the wedding. Then, I told her to take one item at a time and ask herself, how important is this to ME, and cut costs accordingly. Through this process, she was able to cut costs dramatically. She found out that the dress was very important to her, but the flowers were not; the reception was important, but the cake was not. Your wedding is about you, not what others think it should be. Jessica and Edward were very pleased when all their careful planning resulted in the wedding of their dreams.