Grandma status


This weekend my daughter-in-law Brittany gave birth to my newest granddaughter. She weighed an even 6 pounds and was only 18 and 1/2 inches long. They named her Keegan Joy.

I was very pleased to hold her when she was only 1 hour old. She was very alert and hungry. The new mother is nursing her, this will give her a great start in life. Keegan had a touch of jaundice but is doing much better now.

The picture of Keegan below is before she had her first bath. she is only one hour old.


About connieinohio

Hello, I am Connie and I live in Ohio. Imagine that, right? I write because I like to write, and sometimes I just like to type! I have been told by my writer friends that I am a good coach. (I think I am better at coaching) I like to think I'm funny but, maybe it's just funny to me. I want to make someones day a little brighter. I also think the world is what you make it and I think its wonderful!

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