Traditions are all around us in every season. The definition of tradition is to: transmit, to hand over, to give for safekeeping. Keeping traditions is the fabric that bonds families together and everyone has the need for a tightly knit family.

If you don’t have traditions in your family, make one. If you’re not sure what you want to make as a tradition, discuss it with family members and start it this Easter. It doesn’t have to cost a lot; it doesn’t even have to cost anything. You just have to start doing it and keep doing it. For example; 30 years ago, for our family’s first Thanksgiving dinner, I started the following tradition; before we begin to eat, each person must say what they are thankful for. This simple tradition costs nothing, and as simple as it is, we have conducted it each and every year since. Being thankful and conveying thankfulness is a great gift that can be and should be passed from generation to generation.

I am looking forward to Easter this year; because my grandchildren are just old enough to start learning our family traditions. Our traditional Easter egg hunt is a favorite of mine. This year I am going to try natural egg colors. I heard this could be done and I have wanted to try but, I just didn’t know how. So, being the Pinterest fan that I am, I typed in “natural Easter egg colors” and came up with a huge assortment of ways I could naturally color the eggs.

My husband’s favorite tradition is the homemade Zupfe bread. This Swiss Sunday bread is still a part of his families’ tradition at Easter. I love to bake, and I use to make it for him, but, since I have tried to keep with my gluten-free diet, I have rid my kitchen of the regular ingredients needed for this lovely bread. Don’t feel bad for him; he still enjoys it when we go to his sister’s house.

Our 3 grandchildren and their parents will spend the weekend with us here in Ohio. There are some things they will enjoy helping with, such as; cooking, coloring eggs, and stuffing plastic eggs with candy.

About connieinohio

Hello! I am Connie, I like to think I live a Magickal life here on our 3 acres in Mid East Ohio. I love to cook but more than that I love to feed my family good wholesome food. I also love to garden. Not so much for the big production of gardening like we did as children but herbs and realizing the common ordinary weeds in your backyard are nutritious and it's very easy to incorporate these delicious roots and leaves in soups and stews. I hope to publish many articles and videos on these subjects and more that are fun and informative to read and watch. Thanks for stopping in! Connie In Ohio

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