The List of Top 10 Superfoods to Eat Every Day


The top 10 superfoods Im eating every day.

Hi, Everyone!

I found this 10 superfoods list and thought you might be interested in seeing what they are.

Most of the time I get these types of headlines; “10 superfoods to lose weight fast” or 10 foods that are toxic to your body” in my email but, when you go to find out what they are they want you to buy something before you look at them and who knows if there is really a list after all! I don’t want to buy anything I just want to see what they are making such a big deal about.

So, when I found this list and it was free I was excited!

Do with it as you please, it’s free! Read through it, try some of the superfoods or don’t, what ever you do is great. I am already using one of them; coconut oil, and I believe it has helped my health. I think I will choose another one to try this week, not sure which one. Let me know if you tried any.

About connieinohio

Hello! I am Connie, I like to think I live a Magickal life here on our 3 acres in Mid East Ohio. I love to cook but more than that I love to feed my family good wholesome food. I also love to garden. Not so much for the big production of gardening like we did as children but herbs and realizing the common ordinary weeds in your backyard are nutritious and it's very easy to incorporate these delicious roots and leaves in soups and stews. I hope to publish many articles and videos on these subjects and more that are fun and informative to read and watch. Thanks for stopping in! Connie In Ohio

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