This week


This week had both good and bad for me. The good was that I went to two concerts at the Wayne County Fair; I saw Luke Brian and Ronny Milsap. The bad part was that I have been sick since Tuesday.

The concerts were good and we had fun at the fair, walking around looking at the animals and watching the 4H kids show their animals. Oh, ya and Saturday we had to scoop ice cream for my husband’s work at the fair too. Every year Joe’s place of work volunteers to scoop ice cream in exchange for advertizing. So, that’s where we were Saturday from 1 to 3 o clock; chocolate, vanilla or moose tracks anyone?

Other than going to the fair those 2 days, I have stayed at home and done homework (in-between sneezing and blowing my nose.)

I am ready to graduate, I really enjoy college but I think that having a job will be easier!


About connieinohio

Hello, I am Connie and I live in Ohio. Imagine that, right? I write because I like to write, and sometimes I just like to type! I have been told by my writer friends that I am a good coach. (I think I am better at coaching) I like to think I'm funny but, maybe it's just funny to me. I want to make someones day a little brighter. I also think the world is what you make it and I think its wonderful!

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